4/26/22 Blog #8

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While looking through the pictures to include with this post I came across this one. This is one of my favorite pictures of my grandma Halina and her sister Tania who came to the United States after World War 2. She is the reason why we have an amazing family in the United States. There […]


4/19/22 Blog #7

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Last night was my first official board meeting as a Wisconsin Ukrainians Inc. board member. I met a lot of amazing members and got a really good idea of what’s to come. I can honestly say that the board has done a lot of work in such a short period of time, but I think […]


3/22/2022 – Blog #4

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Fundraiser Update: As of this moment we have raised $35,542.28. We have sent $23,500 to 19 families. We spend about $3500 on last-second material such as tourniquets, and for shipping the goods. All of you have purchased 198 items from the Amazon list. This week I have received money from kids selling lemonade down the […]


3/16/2022 – Blog #3

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Just wanted to update everyone about what we are doing. 1. We have raised $28945 and more is coming. Thank you all who have donated. 2. I want to thank ASP and Molly Huhn for donating 342 LED flashlights. Thank you so much, everything was shipped today and should be there in a week. 3. […]


03/08/2022 – THANK YOU! My First Blog Post

DATE : March 9, 2022 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : 4 Comments

Hi everyone! Val(entyn) Potapenko here. Thank you for finding our site and being interested in learning more. With some nudging from my wife, I am going to begin blogging a bit. Please go easy on me – English is my third language. Even professionals have editors, right? I hope this blog can serve as space […]


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