03/11/2022 – Blog Post #2

DATE : March 14, 2022 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : 2 Comments

Fundraiser Update: We are currently up to $28538 in cash donations and 115 items purchased from the Amazon list.  My mind is blown.  Each day we receive multiple deliveries. I love coming home from work and seeing the large piles of boxes at our door.  Your support has been awesome.  When I communicate with family, […]


03/08/2022 – THANK YOU! My First Blog Post

DATE : March 9, 2022 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : 4 Comments

Hi everyone! Val(entyn) Potapenko here. Thank you for finding our site and being interested in learning more. With some nudging from my wife, I am going to begin blogging a bit. Please go easy on me – English is my third language. Even professionals have editors, right? I hope this blog can serve as space […]


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